• Virtual Terminal
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Recurring Payments
  • Many Supported Cards
  • Shopping Carts Modules
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Taking Business Online?

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Accept all major payment cards with a mail order telephone order merchant account, free PCI compliant payment gateway setup, integrated fraud prevention and free 3-D Secure or enjoy a rapid activation with Moto Merchant Pay to accept cards and alternative payments with all the same benefits and features. Merchants and businesses are often categorized as high risk because they have the great potential of falling victim to fraud and chargeback possibilities. This alone is reason enough for banks to turn down merchant applications. The following below are some of the categories provided by MOTO Merchant Services account banking solutions.

MOTO Merchant is designed to extend your possibilities to easily accept alternative payments online using local and international payment systems.
  • High Risk Friendly Credit Card Processing services
  • Credit Card Scam and Fraud Protection
  • Online Reporting Facility
  • High Volume Merchant Account Facility
  • Recurring Billing Options for high risk merchants
  • Reliable Payment Gateway for secure transactions
  • All Businesses, Companies, Firms and Industries are Supported and Approved!