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Accept all major credit and debit cards with your own merchant account or accept payments with MotoMerchant.

MOTO Payment Gateway

To process any kind of payment you will need a payment gateway which is the link between your website and the bank, or the acquiring partner, and which enables the actual transaction and customer data flow.

We even have a name for our payment gateway, MOTO.

Nice as we are, we supply you with MOTO free of charge, when we issue your business with a merchant account or ACH / eCheck services.

If you already have a merchant account with one of banks integrated with us, you can use MOTO to process your transactions.

Be sure to check out all the cool features of MOTO


  • Direct (XML- API) or Payment Page Integration
    Choose the most suitable integration method. Use your own payment page with a direct integration or our own PCI DSS certified payment page with a simplified integration
  • Recurring Payments
    Either set the rebilling cycle to charge your customers automatically or instruct us when you need to charge your customers
  • Customizable Payment Page
    Customize the payment page to your own design
  • Virtual Terminal
    If you want to accept orders by mail or telephone we can offer a Virtual Terminal to process the orders
  • Multi-User Access
    Create multiple user accounts with different access levels to MOTO's back office and reporting
  • E-mail Notifications
    E-mail notification along with the result when a transaction was processed
  • Export Data
    Export data from our database for internal reporting and reconciliation
  • Supported Cards
    All major card brands are supported
  • Fraud Prevention
    Comprehensive set of fraud prevention tools such as 3-D Secure, MaxMind, Retail Decisions and iovation
  • Shopping Cart Modules
    Easily enabled shopping cart modules for MOTO
  • 3-D Secure
    3-D Secure transactions are automatically supported when you process your payment transactions with MOTO
  • PCI DSS Certified
    Know that the credit card data is being kept safe from prowling eyes with MOTO`s PCI DSS Level 1 certification

Integrated Partners 

MOTO Payment Gateway is integrated to multiple acquiring banks, payment processors and partners around the world and several more are in the pipeline.

Supported Shopping Carts

Payment modules to easily enable payments via MOTO when using supported shopping cart systems.

If your bank, payment processor or shopping cart are not listed above please contact us to make
an integration request.