Merchant AccountsLet’s face it.

If you are taking your business online, you need to be able to accept most
major credit and debit cards along
with some local cards depending
on your target market.

Besides a merchant account to accept and process credit and debit card payments for your goods or services sold online, you also need a secure PCI DSS certified payment gateway to process the payment transactions. We give you both.

Moreover, using MOTO Merchant you may increase the number of ways for your customers to pay you.

Advanced Payments can offer you everything that you need to enable your business for online sales.


Supported Card Brands

Merchant accounts for these major credit and debit card brands can be issued via our banking and acquiring partners worldwide.

Please note that the availability of each card brand varies from bank to bank and multiple acquiring contracts might be necessary to accept the card brands of your choice.

Each application is subject for approval with each partner, bank or acquirer at their sole discretion.