High Risk Credit Card Processing

Advanced Payments knows how frustrating and time consuming it can be for a high risk business to get accepted for a merchant account. There is confidence that Advanced Payments skill and expertise will help you get accepted with minimal fuss and the in the shortest possible time.

There are may reasons merchants might experience difficulties. Usually problems are attributable to credit history, previous processing issues and the type of services the business provides. The key to finding a financial institution willing to underwrite the account is to determine the exact reasons for the problem.

High risk industries are readily identifiable. They include legal gaming, the adult services, medical products and online auctions. Businesses with high sales volumes are also high risk simply because high volume increases suspectiblity to fraud. Those with low sales volumes also may be considered high risk as they may not be able to afford the expense of fraud screening. Processing issues often involve credit card chargeback. The number of dissatisfied customers who choose to chargeback a transaction must be monitored very carefully. Chargeback ratios exceeding certain levels will result in closure of a high risk credit card processing account.

Transaction size is another major consideration when applying for high risk credit card processing. It is also vital that accounts are presented properly and monthly volumes projected accurately.

Because Advanced Payments specialize in high risk credit card processing, the risks involved are recognized and measures are taken to protect you. Identifying the issues affecting your business and seeking a processor that meets your needs is in your best interests. Advanced Payments delights in helping you find the right solution. Call any time for help and advice.