High Risk Merchant Account

What types of business are considered high risk?

A number of business types are considered high risk. Businesses with high turnover and large sales volumes are subject to increased risk of fraud. Conversely some smaller businesses are high risk because their cash flows do not allow funds adequate protection against fraud.

Other businesses considered high risk are those with an inconsistent credit history or that have been involved in bankruptcy proceedings or fraudulent dealings. Telemarketing businesses, gaming and especially internet-based businesses are all high risk.

Businesses considered to be high risk are unable to obtain a standard eCommerce merchant account. In fact they can find it difficult to obtain any kind of credit card processing service. Given these circumstances, such businesses should apply for a high risk moto merchant account with an international provider like Advanced Payments.

Advanced Payments are able to provide high risk credit card processing for such merchants because the staff is a highly qualified team of specialists familiar with the risks and an in-house fraud prevention system to ensure your security.

High Risk Merchant Categories

Typically, the following types of business require High Risk Accounts:

  • Adult entertainment (including massage and escort services)
  • Online gaming and other gambling businesses (including lotteries and prize competitions)
  • Telemarketing services
  • Online dating services
  • Online auctions
  • Online debt services
  • Travel and Timeshare services
  • Mail Order Pharmaceuticals
  • E-wallet and E-cash
  • Credit Repair Companies
  • Web Marketing and hosting services
  • Amusement/recreation services
  • Used automobile sales and automobile rental services
  • Computer and computer-related sales and services
  • Telecommunications equipment sales (including cell phones and other communications devices)
  • Weapons dealers
  • Insurance products
  • Mortgage services

The list is not exhaustive but clearly online services are generally high risk as are services. Other high risk industries are those where there is reasonable likelihood of default of payment or customer dissatisfaction. Advanced Payments can assess your business and work with you to obtain a high risk merchant account.