Payment Gateway

To process any kind of payment you will need a payment gateway which is the link between your website and the bank, or the acquiring partner, and which enables the actual transaction and customer data flow

Payment gateway is a service that facilitates online payments to internet merchants via credit card or e-check. It is equivalent to the point-of-sale terminal in a physical retail outlet.

The MOTO payment gateway

The MOTO payment gateway offers a variety of tools that you need to link your online business and internet merchant account so that your payment processing runs smoothly.

MOTO is compatible with the most popular shopping cart and e-commerce solutions. It will work with most banks, merchants accounts and processors meaning that if you ever choose to change your bank, you do not have to change your payment gateway.

Your choices

If you have a business you have two choices. Your first option is to allow Advanced Payments to host your checkout on our secure payment site. With this option you have no need to worry about the expense of PCI compliance and data security. Alternatively, you could adopt the MOTO solution, which is fully customizable, allowing control of the whole payment system to remain with you.

With MOTO’s pre-integrated shopping cart solutions, set up is simple. Or, easy-to-use APIs and cut-and-paste HTML allows you create your own solution.

MOTO can be used for all telephone, fax and mail payments. MOTO also includes a free Virtual Terminal which acts as a kind of online credit card swipe facility.

Protection against fraud

MOTO takes the security of all your transactions very seriously. It supports Verified by VISA and Mastecard SecureCode programs so that you can be confident of the bona fides of your prospective clients. Furthermore, MOTO will check for potential fraudulent transactions via Maxmind, Retail Decisions and iovation systems. MOTO also performs CVC/CVV and AVS verifications.