3-D Secure ServicesMake sure to stop fraud before
the fraud stops you.

3-D Secure is free for merchants that apply for a credit card merchant account through Advanced Payments and process the payment transactions via our free payment gateway, MOTO.

Merchants that are not currently 3-D Secure enabled with their current acquirer can easily participate in the 3-D Secure program by using Advanced Payments 3-D Secure solution as a standalone feature. No heavy integrations are needed.

Advanced Payments can also help Merchant Service Providers to seamlessly activate and support
3-D Secure transactions with the possibility to offer a range of 3-D Secure services to online merchants.


Note: The below fees do not include any merchant account fees charged by the acquiring bank or card association.

Transactions Per Transaction
Less than 1000
For Merchant Service Providers:
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Less than 50 000
Less than 100 000
More than 100 000