Credit Card ProcessingAccepting card payments is essential
for any online business.

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Nowadays it is a rare business that will not accept payment by debit card or credit card and card issuing companies make the advantages of using a card so attractive that fewer and fewer people are using traditional methods like cash or check when paying for goods or services. The process by which money is deducted from the card users account and transferred to the merchant or service provider is called credit card processing. Through its merchant account services, Advanced Payments offers a number of benefits in its credit card processing services, including high risk credit card processing.

For all businesses, credit card processing has become an essential part of their financial system. There are several reasons for this:

  • Credit cards are an incredibly simple way for customers to pay for goods and services. There is no risk of misunderstanding, no risk of misplaced checks, no risk of default since the transaction is accepted or declined immediately and, with no need for cash, there is less risk of money being lost through human error or criminal activity.
  • The processing of credit card payments is fast and easy and the service provider is credited immediately.
  • The customer can access services from the comfort of his own home by using the telephone. This saves both parties time and money as well as saving the client considerable inconvenience.
  • Payments are made thrrough a virtual terminal. This allows merchants operating through the internet to reecive payments from clients located almost anywhere in the world.

Clearly, all businesses and their clients stand to benefit considerably from credit card processing facilities. Credit cards are a quick, easy to use and extremely safe method of payment for merchant and client alike.

Advanced Payments can offer merchant services such as assistance with obtaining credit card servicing facilities to help the development of your business.