Merchant AccountAdvanced Payments assists online merchants in getting the right merchant account solution for their business

In our increasingly cashless society, your clients are more than ever likely to want to settle an account with a debit or credit card. To enable your business to accept such payments it is essential to establish a Merchant Account with an acquiring bank, a bank that accepts transactions with credit cards issued by banks within a card association scheme (eg Visa, MasterCard). The Merchant Account is actually a line of credit in which the acquiring bank exchanges funds with the issuing bank on the merchant's behalf and pays the merchant the balance of credit card payments less fees.

If your business is e-commerce or mail/telephone ordering, then it is likely that you will be identified as a high risk merchant account. Finding the right processor can be challenging but Advanced Payments collaborated with an extensive network of acquiring banks so are able to provide the most suitable merchant account for your needs so that you, too, can take advantage of the credit card transaction system. Advanced Payments also offers MotoMerchant, a rapid solution which allows you to acquire a 'sponsored Merchant account' and start accepting credit or debit card payments within hours.

Standard E-commerce Merchant Accounts

Advanced Payments offers the Standard E-commerce merchant account to mainstream e-commerce businesses that sell their products or services via a website. You will get a secure account at a reputable bank in Western Europe or the USA, or else an offshore acquiring bank can be located.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Some online businesses are assessed to be more likely to suffer fraud and are therefore classified as high risk. Such businesses include adult services, pharmaceuticals, gaming and gambling, software etc. If your business is assessed as high risk it can be difficult to obtain a merchant account but, Advanced Payments won't turn you down.

MOTO Merchant Accounts

If yours is a Mail-Order/Telephone-Order business, otherwise known as MOTO, Advanced Payments will provide you with a dedicated moto merchant account with a Virtual Terminal.

Advanced Payments is a merchant account provider that matches services for individual businesses with solutions through its network of acquiring banks. Advanced Payments provides a reliable, cost-effective service you can trust. Advanced Payments is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and a member of both the Electronic Transaction Association and the Better Business Bureau.