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Merchant Accounts For Timeshares, Advertising & Resale

When it comes to timeshares, you never know how many owners you are going to have for a property. Also, you never know when these owners are going to exercise their rights and use the property. It all depends on their schedules and also the availability of space.

Advertising is a huge industry where transactions of highly varied volumes take place on a regular basis. Every advertising company will have small to big clients and each of their demands vary. Not every customer comes back for another advertisement, nor does every customer make their payment on time.

When it comes to resale, the complications involved are simply mindboggling. The number of parties involved alone is enough to increase the size of the team handling the resale.

Merchant Accounts – A must

When the business process is already complicated, it gets trickier when payments are involved. It is simply not feasible to handle all the payments yourself. If you offer these services, you must be well aware of the number of transactions that take place on a daily basis. Even if you have the man power to handle such high number of transactions, not all your customers are going to come in person to make the payments or wait days on end for the payments to get cleared.

Merchant accounts are what you need for a smooth business operation. In today’s world where everyone resorts to online bookings and payments, if you do not have a well equipped merchant account to handle all sort of payments, you definitely stand to lose.

We offer gateway setup that is simple to set up and use, so that your business can grow easily. We offer virtual terminal that can process various card payments from Visa/ Master Card/ Discover/Amex. Now you don’t have to worry about your varied list o customers and their banking preferences.

Where Other Say No, We Say Yes

Many banks and other merchant account providers may hesitate to undertake payments of various sizes. We have no such constraints and if you are having trouble finding banks to underwrite your risks, we have tie ups with multiple underwriting banks to facilitate your need.

We can not only process credit card payments from a variety of cards, but can also provide you ACH processing and check processing services. When big clients pay for their advertisements, they may prefer the convenience of electronic payments and we want to ensure you don’t lack behind in this area. We know you cannot simply ask one of your major clients to change their payment process and pay via credit cards.

Not many provide chargeback services. We do not shy away from this responsibility either. We understand chargebacks are a necessity evil in your line of business and we are here to facilitate even during those tricky periods.

Convenience Is The Key

We strive to provide convenience to our account holders. When you offer timeshares or process advertisement payments, you are bound to have recurring payments. Our terminals are secure and collect all the details of your clients for your future reference. If you want to send them reminders or offers, you don’t have to swift through piles of paperwork.

Also, when your customer is back on our terminal to make a payment, their details are provided automatically, which saves them a lot of time, thus increasing your goodwill. This way, even if the card is not present, your client can make a secure payment and not worry about the payment processing.

We are also aware that in your line of business, clients are not always ready to post checks or come in person to sign papers. If you are processing a resale, you cannot wait forever for the checks from your clients to reach you and then to be processed to your bank. For this purpose, we offer check drafting facilities. All your client has to do is send you a copy of the original check and within a few steps, they will be asked for their signature on screen and the check can be processed. This saves s a lot of time and effort on your part.

Not to forget, we have iPhone and Droid mobile phone Apps as well as we know people make most of their vacation plans on the go and their phone is what they use in such cases.

Here To Help Your New Business

When you are new in the industry, not many merchants are willing to undertake the risks of providing you with merchant account services. The risks involved are definitely high. We analyse the risks involved and our rates and fees depend upon the high risk Vs. Low risk analysis of your business.

The application process is quite simple and straight forward and we have no rolling reserve requirements. Our rates are based on the risks we take and our services are top notch. There is no set up fees involved either.

Your Location

If you are a local set up, our charges are definitely lesser. But we do know offshore setups are a necessity in your industry and we can offer merchant accounts for that too. Our rates will vary but our services won’t.

Call us and get in touch with one of our friendly operators today. We are here to help you grow.