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Find Your Dedicated Merchant Account For Online Cigar Selling And Tobacco Mail Order

What problems do online cigar sellers face?

The online sale of cigars or cigarettes is not prohibited by the federal law but the credit card processing industry deals with online cigar sellers in an inconsistent manner. Card-not-present tobacco sellers invariably go through complicated application processes, higher rates and even higher fees which eventually hinder business potential.

While banks do not outright reject applications, they are definitely hesitant to process payments because every state has different regulations for the sale of tobacco. Furthermore, there is a certain degree of risk associated with online transactions in comparison to direct sales.

These are the reasons that online sale of cigarettes often comes along with greater transactional fees and reduced deposit limits that need to be dealt from a high risk merchant account.

What genuinely helps in such situations is a company like ours that will help you in finding a dedicated merchant account for boosting sales, streamlining operations, and providing friendly and reliable customer care. These factors would eventually neutralize the higher rates that you will need to pay for online cigar selling and tobacco mail order.

Online Merchants - Making High-Risk Transactions Possible

It is a well-known fact that high-risk transactions such as online sale of cigarettes, loose leaf, tobacco, cigars etc require the right provider for payment processing and betterment of sales. A reliable credit card processor company will offer a convenient gateway setup, a reliable virtual terminal, effective internet marketing tools, and other friendly services to keep your online sales potentially profitable. This is what we believe in doing. Along with these services, we will also provide contracts with lower commitments, transparent pricing systems and reliable customer support system so that you can make the best use of your business scope online.

In an industry where application rates vary by startup versus history, we are a company that has a limited need for payment processing history or for offshore merchant accounts. We can work effectively with you if you are looking for a provider friendly towards the idea of a cigar business. Our rates vary from one business to another but with no setup fees and constant guidance from our customer support system, you can rest assured that your transactions will span out appropriately.

What are the other benefits we offer?

While most billing payment providers would not like to be associated with the tobacco industry because of laws and age restrictions to keep track of, we can assist you if you have a website that needs transactions to be processed for Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex. While banks will take up your case initially, most of them would drop your profile for no reason and might also flag your account as a high-risk one without any valid reason, even if you have no chargeback.

Your interest rates will also depend on the type of business you have; what products you are selling and whether you need a domestic or an offshore solution. We cater to the needs of both domestic and offshore solutions. If you happen to have an established business, you will need to keep a few documentation ready like your current processing statements, Corporation documentation and information of your website, if possible.

We will be happy to assist you even if you are a startup business. New businesses generally require decent credit history but we will provide business solutions even if your credit history is not fair enough.

We have got you covered

We take our professional relationships to the next level with the following benefits:

  • Our Virtual terminal helps you to get the lowest possible costs for all types of credit cards but if you want to continue using the physical card terminal then even that is acceptable.

  • We have a mobile payment app with the help of which you can interact with your customers that will eventually help you to build better personal relationships with the client.

  • Not only are all our virtual terminals highly secure but also user-friendly. This helps in successful processing of payments via iPhone/Android mobile apps without any technical glitches.

  • We have a wide range of searching and reporting tools that will help you to put together current financial reports or find out earlier transactions with ease.

  • We do not ask for long-term commitments from our clients.

  • We do not charge application fees for software updates, maintenance and customer support calls.

  • If, in any untoward situation, you do have an event of a chargeback, our specialized chargeback management team will call you right away to provide much-needed support.

  • We have a local support team that works 24/7 for any kind of help that you might need.

You will no longer need to settle for shady or spotty services from credit card processors and pay outrageous fees for the processing. Our quote will help you move a couple of steps forward as far as your business is concerned.