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The world of trading and investing is huge and complicated. When you want to put your money to some use rather than let it sit in the bank, you seek various venues to invest it in. you can invest in shares, property or even gold and silver.

Investing in precious metals like gold and silver is not only highly lucrative, it is highly risky too. You never know when the market is going to get unstable or what new laws are going to come up that will affect the market. If you are trader who deals in gold and silver coins and collectibles, you must have gone through some pretty rough deals and high tension transactions. Though the rates of gold and silver does not change every minute like shares, they change every day and that is good enough to complicate your transactions.

Get A Merchant Account

When you are in the business of buying and selling gold and silver coins and collectibles, you must be prepared for anything and everything to affect the prices. When the prices change, the transactions go through the roof. When people invest in these precious metals, they invest big, the result? Equally big transactions every time the price changes or a new law is enforced.

To make the entire business easier and transactions smoother, you need to get yourself a merchant account. People keep track of the bullions and prices online or on their television and the minute they get a wind of the changes in the market, they want to either buy or sell their assets. This involves a lot of transactions of various amounts, throughout the working hours.

Many people collect gold and silver coins and go on buying more as and when they see something impressive or rare. When they use our virtual portals, their details are gathered and are kept safe as we know privacy is extremely important. Recurring billing information is also kept at easy access to you. Your customers need not enter their details every time.

Were You Turned Down?

Not many banks or credit card processors will want to vouch for your business and offer you merchant accounting facilities, for the simple reason that your industry is considered high risk. When a collector wants to sell some of their coins or other collectibles, they get in touch with a number of other collectors. There is no guarantee that the seller or the buyer is authentic. One may try to sell off duplicates and make some easy money. The implication? You are affected. The client will ask for a chargeback as that is the only way to protect him from a loss. This is not a one off situation. There will be a lot of chargebacks for a variety of reasons, and this only increases the risk factor of your business. However, we are willing to offer you chargeback facility and with us, there are no rolling reserve requirements.

Get in touch with one of friendly assistants and get a virtual portal in no time. Our gateway setup is very simple and does not consume much time. When you open a merchant account with us, there are no application fees nor is there a set up fee.

All we require is some details from you about your business and your portal can be provided to you within a reasonable amount of time. We will run an analysis on your business to determine high risk Vs low risk and the rates depend on the risk levels. Higher the risk, higher is the fees and lower the risk, the rates are lower too.

We even offer ACH processing, check processing and check drafting facility. We understand the payments can be made in any form in your industry and thus want to ensure you are ready to receive any mode of payment and process it with ease. Even if your customer is across the globe and wants to pay through a draft, check drafting can be done easily and your payment are processed without the need for a signature from your client.

New Entrants Are Supported

Entering this industry requires a lot of research and confidence. In such a situation, if you are faced with payment processing problems, it may make you doubt your decisions. We can take of that as we offer accounts irrespective of whether you are new or old to this industry.

Our rates are different for new and existing businesses due to the risks involved. We charge you more if you are new as we are exposing ourselves more to provide you with valuable service. We can process all types of cards like Visa/Master Card/Discover/Amex. Majority of these payments are done via cash or electronic transfers and we don’t want you to miss out on anything that can keep you ahead in this game.

Domestic And Offshore Accounts

If you require an offshore account, we can provide that too. However the rates are lower for a domestic account and higher for an offshore account due to the risk factors. Even if your client wants to pay through his phone, we have iPhone/ Droid mobile Apps for customers’ convenience as we know customer is king.

Go ahead and call one of our friendly managers and see how easily your application is processed and your gateway will be ready to receive payments in no time. It is time to let your business grow.