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SEO and Internet Marketing Service Providers Need Merchant Accounts

Websites have become a basic necessity for the success of any business in today’s digitally advanced world. Everyone wants information at their finger tips and patience is not exactly their virtue when it comes to finding the information needed. This resulted in a surge in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services. Gone are the days when people just wanted a well designed website. Today they want their website to suit the needs and requirements of the search engine and readers.

The need for internet marketing companies is on the rise thanks to the new age where everything is accessible at your finger tips. Be it a product or a service, you can browse online and find many providers and choose the best one for you.

Do You Need Merchant Accounts?

If you are in this industry and ensure your clients’ websites gain all the exposure possible, you must be well aware of the payment processes. All these clients prefer online transactions. They are coming to you to make their websites better, why not process the payment online too?

No matter how big a team of well experienced technicians and designers you have other services you offer your client also plays a major role in promoting your business. If your client realises you do not have a flexible and well equipped merchant account to process all sort of payments, their opinion on your company is definitely going to come down a notch. You are after all claiming to know everything about the virtual world and are promising to make them famous.

What you need is a good merchant account to ensure all the payments processes are smooth and your customers do not face any difficulties on this front.

We offer virtual portals that can process different type of card payments such as Visa/Master Card/Discover/Amex cards. We also undertake ACH processing and check processing to ensure all your online payments can be processed without a glitch. If your customer can’t provide you the hard check, we offer check drafting facilities too. Now you don’t have to worry or wait for the signature of your customer, thus ensuring your payment reach you sooner.

In this industry, you are bound to take payment in parts as SEO and internet marketing, are ongoing services. Thus when you have to process multiple payments from a client, it is necessary to have proper records of all your billings. We ensure just that and also track your recurring billings so that the required details are easily accessible by you at any given time.

We understand privacy is a key factor in merchant accounting and we can guarantee you that our portals are very secure and all your details are safe with us. The gateway setup is simple and the entire application process hardly takes any time.

We Step In Where Others Don’t

While many banks and online payment processors may reject your business for merchant accounts, we are well connected with multiple undertaking banks and can provide you good services for a reasonable fee.

We will analyse the risk level of your business and the rates of the merchant account services depend on the high risk Vs low risk profile of your company. It is a well known fact that when the risk involved is higher, the rates and fees are also on the higher side.

Chargebacks are something that is very hard to avoid in your line of business. When you are done with your service contract or have finished the SEO or marketing services, the client can always come back with concerns. In worst case scenarios, customers may cancel the service agreement and can demand a refund. In such cases, you can always request for a chargeback facility and it will be offered to you, based on the risk analysis.

Want iPhone/ Droid mobile Apps? We provide that too, as we know how important it is to facilitate those clients who live their lives through their mobile phones.

A Solution For Your New Venture

If you are new to this industry, you are most likely to be written off by banks and other payment processors as high risk. When you do not have a history with payments, the risks for us is always greater. It is for this reason that new businesses are charged more than well established ones, when it comes to merchant accounts.

We also understand how an offshore account can be very beneficial for your business. Even though it is a high risk for us, we still are ready to provide you with offshore accounts and there is no rolling reserve requirement.

Well Recorded

The details of both your company and your clients are collected and recorded for easier access in the future. The entire payment processing is simple and recurring billings are tracked to provide you with quick access information about your recurring clients.

When your customer makes repeated payments via card, their details are recorded and they don’t have to enter the details every time. This enables them to make a successful payment even if the card is not present.

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We don’t charge a setup fee, no application fees, easy gateway setup and no rolling reserve requirements. We are the perfect solution for successful ecommerce and happy customers.