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Credit Repair - Your Quest For The Best Merchant Services Is Here!

Cleaning up a credit report or providing credit restoration services is a very lucrative business because many customers suffer higher interest rates due to their bad credit score and will be happy to pay a small price for it to be rectified. Are you thinking of starting up your own credit repair business? Chances are that you have already tried to get your merchant account and have been turned down multiple times. This is because your business type is branded as 'High risk' and hence the acquiring banks are reluctant to underwrite. You will not be turned down, declined, or shut off like you will with services such as Paypal, Stripe, Square, and First Data. We are currently able to take up startups with no processing history. If you are a startup please call or apply online and we will get your account approved.

A business can be termed as high risk if there is a higher possibility of charge backs or frauds. But all hope is not lost as banks are not your only source of payment processing. Now you can make use of our merchant services that are keen to cater to the needs of a high risk merchant like you.

Why sell online?

The advent of the internet age and online purchases has resulted in businesses experiencing a never before expansion of their customer base. The same is also true for services provided by a credit repair company as yours. If your clients can pay you online, you can provide services for them from any location and this can increase your client portfolio.

But credit repair businesses have the unfortunate combination of high volume and high risk and will be outright rejected by banks. We specialize in dealing with high risk payment processing and can set up your online merchant account in no time.

Payment processors just for you!

When you offer services online, a payment processor is quite inevitable. You will need a secure payment gateway that will accept a variety of credit cards and debits cards. Even if you managed to get a merchant account on your own, you will realize that finding a payment processor who won't deny a credit repair service will be extremely difficult. We are compatible with gateway transacton networks like, NMI, USAEPAY. We are also compatible with CRM Software networks like Credit Repair Cloud and Chargebee.

Popular payment gateways such as First Data or PayPal cannot even accept your business as it is in violation of their policy. This is where our merchant services can help as we are experienced working with credit restoration businesses. We can provide you with secure payment gateways on your own e-commerce website to help your clients with a smooth transaction every time.

Are you new to credit repair?

We understand that new business ventures need the same support as the established ones. It can be quite frustrating to run around from pole to pole looking for services that promise you less rates and end up charging you more with hidden costs. We offer competitive rates.

An offshore account is all you need

You may think that domestic merchant accounts are better because they offer lower rates, but you can benefit by going in for an offshore account, the benefits of which are listed below

  • No problem with high volume chargeback

  • Ideal for start-up businesses

  • Businesses with bad credit scores

  • Businesses placed in the TMF list

  • Higher or no volume capping

  • Relaxed underwriting rules

How to apply?

When you use our services, we make sure that you don't spend a lot of time and effort in getting your merchant account up and running. Setting up your account can be done in a matter of 2 to 3 working days as soon as we receive the. relevant documentation. Typical documentation required is as follows

  • Your application form

  • Photo ID

  • Your recent utility bill

  • Transaction history for the last three months

  • Details of the processing bank

  • Working model of your business

Once the account is set-up you can start using your virtual terminal right away.

Don't sign up already

You don't have to just believe everything we say and sign up for our services. As a newbie, you must research enough about merchant services and compare before you find the right one for you. To help you understand that we offer the best rates and features, you can use our list below and compare with other services. An ideal merchant account service provider should offer you the following

  • Require minimum documentation for set-up

  • Accept new businesses

  • No application fee

  • E-commerce enabled

  • Offer offshore account

  • Free virtual terminal

  • Not bind you with any contracts

  • Accept a bad credit score

  • Accept all major credit cards and debit cards

  • A good discount rate

  • Low monthly fee

  • Does not ask for additional documentation a few months post the set-up of your account

  • Does not shut off or place your account to a TMF file

So go ahead and decide after careful considerations. After all, it is a small step to ensure a smooth functioning of your business in future.