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Merchant Accounts – An Absolute Necessity For Travel Agencies

Everyone travels around, either for work or pleasure. Travel agencies are the need of the hour for everyone as they cannot go around booking tickets, making reservations, etc, be it for themselves, family or for their boss. Travel agencies make the entire travelling process easier and hence it is the first place anyone goes to if they are even considering travelling.

If you are in the travel agency business, you must be well aware of the number of transactions that happen on a daily basis. Not only is the number of bookings high, the number of cancellations is equally high too.

Gone are the days when people paid for their travel via cash or hard checks. Today, everyone is busy and would like to make their plans on the go. And the payments? Majority of them are done online. Everyone prefers to pay via credit cards, be it for their tickets or hotel reservations.

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When your customers are switching over to online transactions, having a virtual portal for easy payment processing is a basic necessity if you want your business to flourish. You should be in a position to accept any kind of payment as no customer is going to go out of the way to change their convenient payment methods to suit your processes. The travel agency industry is highly competitive and there are a number of agencies out there offering the similar services and tariffs as you.

We are well connected with multiple underwriting banks and hence can offer your excellent merchant account services. The entire application process is quite simple and we require only a few details from your end. The gateway setup is easy, doesn’t take much time and there is no set up fees involved.

No Is Not An Option

The travel agency industry is considered as high risk by all the banks and other merchant service providers. In your business, the customers are bound to change their plans very frequently. They may want to change the location, add extra members, change their itinerary or just simply cancel. All these decisions play havoc with your payment processing.

Our virtual terminals are highly advanced to suit your ever changing and growing business needs. We understand in your line of business, customers are bound to pay using a variety of methods. Be it Visa/MasterCard/Discover/Amex card, our portals can accept and process the payments with ease. Even if your customers want to make electronic payments, you can go ahead and accept them without hesitation as we also provide ACH processing and check processing facilities.

Many online payment processors like PayPal, First Data, etc, can always turn down your applications or change the terms of services as your business needs change. Most of these companies do not offer chargeback facilities as it is highly complicated and risky. But we are well aware that in your industry, chargebacks are a common feature as travel plans can get cancelled in the very last possible minute. This service is always available on request.

New Or Old In This Business Is Not A Deal Breaker

When you are new to this industry, your business is considered as very high risk and services are restricted accordingly by banks and other payment processors. We analyse your business as high risk Vs low risk and once the risk level is determined, the rates are finalised. The rates will vary for a new business and an already existing business as the risk levels are lower in the latter.

Even if you are new to this industry, we are here to help your business flourish with our wide range of services and we have no rolling reserve requirements. We understand how ecommerce works and what is important for the growth of your business.

A Variety Of Options To Suit Your Need

Our payment processing is advanced and is very convenient. The billing and recurring billing details are tracked to enable you to have easy access to your regular customers. If you want to offer any special discounts or services to your regular customers, you can access the details very easily. Also, when these customers come back to your website to avail of your services again, their details are readily provided and all they have to do is confirm it and the payment is through.

We are well aware that having offshore accounts is a big advantage in your industry and offer both domestic and offshore accounts. The rates for domestic accounts are understandably lower than offshore accounts due to the level of risks involved.

Even if you want to process checks from customers who are not able to send you the physical check in time, we facilitate check drafting so that all your customer needs to do is just approve after entering a few details and the payment will be processed without their signature.

Your customers can also make easy payment via iPhones / droid mobile Apps as we know how important these are for the current generation that does everything on their phone.

You Need Us

Sign up for a merchant account with us and see your transactions getting simpler and easier in no time. It not only reduces complications and delays for you but also makes it very convenient for your customer, thus giving you an edge over your competitors. Our friendly operators are always ready to help.