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Selling Tickets Online? Get A Merchant Account Now

Online ticket sales, is a flourishing business. Everyone books tickets for various events online as it saves them a lot of time and it is just convenient. Now if you are offering various tickets on one website, you will see a number of people checking in regularly for all their ticket needs.

When you are an online ticket broker, no matter what events you cover, you are bound to get both bookings and cancellations. It is not an easy task to keep track of it all and ensure all bookings are legitimate and there will be no cancellations. These are reasons why this industry is categorised as high risk by banks and credit card processors.

Need A Merchant Account

When you are in this business, you are aware of the fact that despite all the risks involved, you need to process credit card payments to stay in business. Today, when an event is set to happen, say a concert or some show, there are dedicated websites advertising the details. All these websites sell tickets and also link out to ticket brokers like you for the ticket sales.

You need a merchant to process all sort of payments, especially credit card payments as that is how most of the tickets are bought these days. We understand the risks involved in your business and offer merchant account to facilitate the growth of your business. Our virtual portals can process any card, be it a Visa/Master Card/Discover/Amex.

We Make It Easy

The entire application process itself is simple and there are no set up fees or application fees involved. The gateway setup is not complicated and you can set up your account and access the terminal in a very short span of time.

The rates we offer for our merchant accounts depend on the risk level of your company. High risk Vs low risk analysis will enable us to understand what is the risk we have to undertake to provide you merchant services and the fees are decided accordingly.

The biggest challenge and risk in your line of business are chargebacks. When tickets are bough online, you never know who is buying those tickets and if the credit card used is an authorised card. When tickets are booked using stolen credit cards, the card owner will file against it and demand for a chargeback. This puts you at a very high risk as you cannot do anything about the tickets of a completed event.

Many banks and payment processors will turn down your application due to these risks but we have tie ups with multiple underwriting banks and hence can offer you a merchant account despite the high risk. When a fraudulent agent sells you duplicate tickets or when tickets are booked on a stolen credit card, you are the one who is exposed. We have got you covered.

With the advancement of technology, everything is done over the phone these days. Anyone who wants a ticket will just browse online and open one of the websites that reflect on their search results and proceed to make the purchase. For this purpose we offer iPhone/ droid mobile Apps, so that all groups of your customers are covered.

New Or Established – We Can Help

If you are an established company, the risks involved are lesser as we can access how your payment processing was in the past and how you handled situations. However when you are new to the industry, the risks are higher and so are our charges.

With us, there are no rolling requirements either. So if you are old or new to this industry, we are here to ensure you succeed in your business.

The entire payment processing is highly efficient and simple with our merchant accounts. No one is going to spend minutes on end to pay for a ticket. The lesser the waiting time and the speedier the payment process, the better it is for both you and your customers.

Different Account Options

We are well aware how offshore accounts can help businesses. In your line of business where you never get to meet your customers and most of your agents, you may want to have an offshore account and enjoy the financial advantages they have to offer. We can provide you with an offshore account too. Since the risks involved with an offshore account is high, we will charge you accordingly.

When it is a domestic account, it is not only safer but even easier to maintain as you are well aware of the laws and implications. Since the risk in a domestic account is considerably lesser, the rates are lesser too.

Let Us Help You

We are well connected to banks and other service providers, which enables us to offer you all these services without any compromises. We offer competitive rates and can match the services provided by our competitors. We are willing to take the risk to enable your business. Are you ready to work with us? If so, call our friendly operators now, and they will be able to answer all your queries and put you on to the person in charge to handle your needs.

You don’t have to worry about glitches in the payment process or the security of the information on the portals. Our accounts are secure and will help you expand your business.