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Merchant Account For Escorts And Adult Dating Services?

The adult dating and escort services are among the most profitable business ventures. Thousands of single people visit these websites to find their love match or an escort.

Bold entrepreneurs in this industry are now flocking merchant account providers for their business as they are unable to receive the support from underwriting banks.

The banks are worried about the high risks associated with the adult dating and escort services business such as:

  • Lawsuits

  • Illegal behavior

  • Risk of being closed down

  • High rate of chargebacks

  • “Card not present” type of transactions

Due to the expansion of this industry in the digital marketplace, the services of a merchant account become a pre requisite for this type of business.

Online merchants

The adult entertainment industry is witnessing a rapid change. Adult DVDs and magazines now belong to a bygone era.

Ecommerce has replaced the traditional medium of doing business. Therefore it is important to choose merchant account that provides safe and secure terminals for conducting business transactions online.

Our adult dating and escort services merchant accounts offer secure payment gateway and is tailor made for your business requirements.

We specialize in setting up payment processing systems that are capable of processing high volume transactions. If you require virtual terminals for processing any kind of credit card payments such as Visa/Amex/MasterCard/Discover, we provide that too.

You can also avail the option of ACH processing and check processing to ensure convenient and smooth payment processing for customers. If you require, we can also set up the terminal to swipe a customer's credit card in person and get their signature

Mobile phones are now starting to replace desktops and laptops. Therefore we offer iPhone and Droid mobile apps to facilitate payments for customers using their mobile phones.

Have you been denied merchant accounts by other Credit Card Processor?

This is not surprising as your business falls under the high risk category and many companies like First Data, PayPal may not be interested to support your business venture.

But there is no need to worry. Our services will help you unlock many doors of opportunity that will be a boost for your business.

Having worked with many adult and escort services clients in the past have given us the experience required handle any issues that crop up in this line of business.

The application process for enlisting our services is simple and straight forward and only requires submission of few legal documents.

Are you new to the business?

If your business is a start up with no merchant processing history, then you should be prepared for paying higher fees simply because of the risk factor.

Established businesses have a history of transactions that help it to secure lower rates as they have proven their merit in the market. There are also no rolling reserve requirements for established businesses.

Our rates vary depending on startup vs. history. We finalize the rates after doing a high risk vs. low risk evaluation.

All said and done, even if you are a newly established company, you will still find our prices affordable and best in the market.

We also provide chargeback assistance for customers who may have been charged for services that they did not receive.

Are you interested in exploring domestic and offshore options?

While domestic merchant accounts provide low rates and offer security there are instance where offshore merchant accounts will be the need of the hour.

Offshore merchant accounts are very much required in adult dating and escort services business as customers are spread out across the globe. You will require offshore accounts to manage credit card transactions in different currencies.

We have partnered with multiple underwriting banks to offer you services at the best rates with no processing limits. They provide quick approval for offshore accounts which is enabled with an integrated gateway.

Hop on the ride with us!

We understand the unique needs of this business and are capable of reacting fast to any situation that may arise in the adult and escort services business.

Providing maximum customer satisfaction is our motto. You will find our systems easy to use and with zero error margins. This will attract more customers for your business and also give you a competitive advantage over others.

We offer end to end solutions for all you merchant account requirements. The below features will definitely help you to zero in on our services.

  • We provide 24/7 friendly and professional customer service support

  • Zero fees for opening a merchant account with us

  • No application and no set up fees

  • We offer mobile payment options

  • We offer rates that are lower than the rates provided by banks

So do give us a call or visit our website and chance upon the unique business proposition we have in store for you.