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Is finding the right credit card processor for your business driving you nuts? It doesn't have to anymore as pharmaceuticals falls under one of our many fields of expertise. The merchant accounts that we have set-up for other pharmacy businesses speak for us. A merchant account is the easiest way for you to get your credit card payments directly to your bank.

Patients with chronic medical conditions benefit greatly with Mail Order Pharmacies as they can get their monthly prescription medicines on time to their doorstep. They can also avail attractive discounts due to repeated orders.

Online is the way to go!

Traditional credit card payments or 'card-present' payments are considered low-risk as it requires the card to be swiped from a physical terminal using a card reader. But with more and more businesses going online, it only makes sense to have a way to get customers pay you online. Going online simply means a much wider customer base than the retail mode.

Online or internet payments need a MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) merchant account. But since these are put under the 'card-not present' umbrella, they are also considered high-risk. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that pharmaceuticals are considered 'High-risk' too due to risks like banned products and high chargeback volumes.

The fact that acquiring banks don't fully understand mail order pharmacies just makes it extremely difficult for you to apply for a merchant account. We can set up your online merchant account in no time and you can start accepting credit cards payments soon after.

Got terminated? No problem!

Pharmaceuticals are still a grey area for many acquiring banks. So it's possible that you managed to successfully get your merchant account. But these banks eventually terminate your account or basically put yours on a TMF (Terminated Merchant File) without any warning whatsoever.

While a stall in your payments can be quite stressful, a shut-off or terminated account will not be underwritten by other banks if you try to apply for a fresh one. What do you do in this scenario? The best way to get your payment back on track in a jiffy is to opt for our merchant services that specialize in terminated high-risk accounts.

Choose your merchant account - We have one for everyone!

Traders no more rely on just one type of selling for their products as they realize that they can earn more profit by extending their sales to wholesale and corporate buyers.

Our services cater to all types of businesses from retail stores, online retailers, wholesale distributors and corporate or B2B sales. Whatever your merchant type is, we have a merchant account that's right for your legal and licensed pharmacy business.

Wholesale and B2B

Many B2B transactions involve level 2 and level 3 payments as they have a low interchange fee levied by the credit card company. Our services offer you with the software to accept payments made by these businesses that use level 2 and level 3 types of credit cards. So this only means that you can further increase your customer base and earn more profit through lower processing fees.

Online gateway

When your customers pay you online, it is your responsibility to keep their data highly confidential and safe. Use our secure and PCI compliant payment gateways which have added security features to ensure the safety of your customer's sensitive data.

We are able to quickly fix any issues with processing immediately. We can customize based on your requirements to include 'pay now' buttons or integrate it with shopping carts of other ecommerce websites. Our gateways are designed with your customers in mind and hence are extremely user-friendly.

Our software also enables payments made via smart phones that use the iOS and Android platforms. Go one step ahead and also use our software that can accept payments from your laptop or PC using an inexpensive card reader.

New to the business? We don't care!

Start-up companies usually have to face a higher processing fee by the payment processing merchant accounts as they run the risk of a higher rate of chargeback. But we are able to offer lower rates to your high-risk, start-up pharmacy business because it is what we do.

Get out of the country!

Domestic merchant accounts have various restrictions with regards to the high-risk pharmacy business and like mentioned before can shut-off or freeze your account. Offshore accounts can be such a blessing as they are less stringent and are the best solution for high-risk categories. Don't worry about high volumes or chargeback when you set-up your offshore account with us.

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