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Tech Support Software Made Easy With Merchant Accounts

In today’s technically advanced world, IT Support, Anti-Virus, Malware Cleanup software plays a major role in every one’s lives, be it personal or professional. Gone are the days when one had to go to the store and buy a software CD and install it in their system. Today, everything is available online. Some for free and some for a fee. Everyone is downloading some IT Support Services, CRM, Anti-Virus, Malware Cleanup software or the other and the only option to pay for these are through online portals.

Online Merchants – A Basic Necessity

If you are in the business of providing downloadable software, you must be well aware of the number of downloads that happen in a day. We enable you to keep track of them all without any glitch through our highly secure terminals. The entire application process does not take much time and the gateway setup is not a complicated process either.

We are well aware of the risks in your industry. Hacking and providing false details are regular threat. But with our highly secure virtual portal, you don’t have worry about any of the details being hacked or misused. All the details regarding your transactions and your clients are safeguarded with our up to date software and we are well equipped to handle any breach.

Turned Down By Other Credit Card Processors?

Well, we are not surprised. With the level of risk involved in your industry, banks and other payment processors will definitely restrict the level of risk they undertake. There are high chances of one of your clients or competitor to try to hack the details or try to obtain other people’s card details to pay for their downloads. Though it is possible in other industries too, in your industry, your clients are more equipped.

Our rates and fees depend on high risk Vs low risk. The more risk we have to undertake to provide you services, the higher is our fees. With us, there are no setup fees, no application fee nor do we have any rolling reserve requirements.

We Make A Difference

Our terminals are well equipped and can process payments from a variety of cards, be it Visa/Master Card/Discover/Amex. We even undertake ACH processing and check processing, so that you don’t miss out on electronic payments. When you have big clients A.K.A big transactions, they cannot be paid for using credit cards.

We even offer iPhones / Droid mobile Apps to ensure software can be easily downloaded and paid for using phones. With today’s technological advancement, a number of softwares are available even for your phones and we want to ensure your customers don’t miss out on it.

The payment processing is very simple and does not consume much time. We keep a track of your billing and recurring billing details so that the customers don’t have to enter their details for every payment. However, their details are kept safe and there is no worry about any leaks or breach. This also enables you to accept payments even when the card is not present. Since the details are already on record, all your customer needs to do is confirm and approve the payment.

We Can Help Your New Venture

Are you new to this business? You must have faced a lot of rejections or limited service offering due to your new to the industry status. This is because banks and other payment processors like PayPal and First Data consider your business as high risk and will reject your applications. Whereas, we are well connected with multiple underwriting banks and can offer you all the services even if you are new.

The rates for our services vary based on start-up Vs history. If you are well established, the risks involved for us is lesser and we do not charge you when our exposure is limited. Our gateway is simple to use and well equipped to handle all sort of transactions.

Need An Offshore Account?

We understand the need for an offshore account in your business. When you have customers downloading softwares every minute, from every corner of the world, it is best to maintain an offshore account so that you can have some financial advantages. Also the importance of these accounts for a successful ecommerce website is not lost on us.

Our rates vary for domestic accounts and offshore accounts as the risks involved are different. Also setting up a domestic account is less complicated than setting up an offshore account. Hence, if you want a domestic account, the rates are much lesser than an offshore account.

We Are What You Need

We aim to make a difference in your business and your customer’s experience. A happy customer is a recurring customer. When the payment processes are simple and error free, you customers will prefer you over other software providers and this will boost your business. Also, many of these customers are well aware of the latest services provided for online transactions and it is always advisable to stay ahead of the game with us.

Our friendly operators and well experienced employees are waiting for you to give us a chance to help your business grow.