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It is difficult to find good quality and reliable credit card processors for business that fall under the high risk category. A high risk merchant is one whose business operates in any one of the following industry.

  • Adult Entertainment

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Payday & Title Loans

  • Credit Repair

  • Debt Collection

  • Ecig / Vaping / Tobacco

  • Firearms & Ammo

  • Mobile App Software

Though the list is not exhaustive, all the businesses in the high risk category display certain trademark characteristics as listed below:

  • High chargeback history

  • High ticket sales with irregular patterns

  • Not supported by large banks

  • A tightly regulated industry

Merchant Accounts- A Must For You!

If you are a high risk merchant doing business online, then it is important to check out the Ecommerce capability before choosing the merchant account provider.

Apart from providing safe and secure terminals, our gateway setup is easy to install without requiring much time of yours. You can choose from a range of terminals from low cost terminals to the latest touch screen high speed virtual terminals.

You can also avail the benefits of establishing recurring billing, subscription and membership processes without any problems.

Using our terminals you can provide your customers with the flexibility of payment processing using any kind of credit card payments such as Visa/Amex/MasterCard/Discover. If you wish to provide your customers with the option of ACH processing and check processing, we have that covered too.

Have you been shut off or closed by Other Credit Card Processor?

If you are facing the situation where your merchant account has been shut down or you have been rejected by large banks like First Data, PayPal after going through the tedious application process, you will surely find our services of value.

We understand that every day that goes without processing results in loss of income and hurts the image of your business.

We can help you find the best solution with the help of our multiple underwriting back partners who are willing to support your business.

With us on board, you can smoothen out any chargeback issues. Our chargeback management software monitors your credit card payments and ensures they are in line and devoid of any fraudulent activities. This reduces the chances of account termination.

Are you a start up company?

A start up usually has the disadvantage of not having a transaction history. This puts it under the high risk category. Therefore they must be ready to pay a higher charge due to their high risk profile. An established business is charged less in comparison due to the lower risk profile.

We arrive at our rates after analyzing your business model and evaluating the high risk vs. low risk level.

Regardless of the fact of you being a new entrant or an established business, you are sure to find our services affordable and priced lower than our competitors.

Do you want the flexibility of domestic & offshore options?

We understand that for high risk merchants domestic accounts may not be the solution to all their needs even though they are available at a lower rate and better security features.

For high risk merchants who operate their business in the international market, offshore accounts become necessity to facilitate transactions made using credit cards from around the world.

We provide different rates for domestic and offshore accounts taking into consideration the different risk levels and the complexities associated with setting up of such accounts.

Our multiple overseas bank partners are ready to offer you domestic and offshore direct accounts that have an integrated gateway and a quick approval process.

Our services can help protect you against any fraud and there are no processing limits. Our systems are capable of processing transactions involving multiple currencies.

Why choose us?

We are dedicated to the cause of your success. After the approval process, we will provide you with the best merchant account solution available for your business needs.

We continuously strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our systems are easy to operate and without any margin of error. This will attract more customers towards your business and provide you with a competitive advantage.

You must consider us for any merchant account assistance as are a one stop solution provider. Below are few of the many features that will add value to your experience of doing business with

If you choose us, you can enjoy exclusive benefits like:

  • Professional and friendly 24/7 customer service

  • No charges for setting up merchant account

  • No application and set up fees

  • Most competitive rates

  • State of the art equipments for handling transaction processing

So do give us a call or visit our website and provide us with an opportunity to help your business grow.