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Are You Looking For A Merchant Account For Trial & Continuity Billing?

Trial and continuity merchant accounts are being increasingly sought after by the Ecommerce merchants from across the world. But if you have tested the waters before, you will be aware of the difficulties involved in securing a reliable merchant account for your business. Due to a high frequency of chargebacks, recurring billing and other considerations obtaining the support of underwriting banks becomes a tough ask.

There are many businesses that fall under trial and continuity billing such as:

  • Dating Websites

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Subscriptions

  • Collection Agencies

  • E-Cigarettes

  • Adult websites

This list is not exhaustive, but if your business falls under this umbrella, we can help you with all your merchant account requirements.

Online Merchants

If your business is mostly conducted online, then our safe and secure terminals are a must for you. Our gateway setup is easy to install and does not require much time. We provide a range of terminals starting form low cost terminals to the latest touch screen high speed virtual terminals.

You can easily establish recurring billing, subscription and membership processes without any hassles. It also has the option of tracking transactions and furnishing detailed reports.

We can provide virtual terminals for processing any kind of credit card payments such as Visa/Amex/MasterCard/Discover. We also provide the option of ACH processing and check processing to ensure convenient and smooth payment processing for customers.

For the tech savvy customers, we also provide iPhone and Droid mobile apps to facilitate payments on their mobile phones.

Has your business been denied by other credit card processor?

As trial and continuity billing is considered a high risk business, there is high chance that companies like First Data, PayPal will turn down your request for merchant accounts.

But this is where we can help. We are dedicated to the cause of providing merchant accounts for high risk businesses as we understand the complexities involved in running the business.

We have established strong partnership with many multiple underwriting banks that are willing to come onboard and help you with all your needs.

Our chargeback management software ensures your credit card payments are in line and there is no fraud. This eliminates the risk of account termination.

Is your business a start up?

As a start up does not have a proven track record, it is considered a high risk entity. We analyze the details of your business model to understand the high risk vs. low risk level. Based on this analysis we arrive at the rates.

A business that is already in existence and has a history of transaction will be charged a lower rated due to the lower risk levels.

Even if you are new corporation that has recently comes into existence, you will find our services to be affordable and lower than our competitors.

Are you looking for domestic & offshore options?

We understand that owners of high risk businesses like trial and continuity require offshore accounts.

We offer different rates for domestic and offshore accounts due to varying risk levels and complex procedures required for setting up such accounts.

Domestic accounts are available at a lower rate and offer better security. But you may find yourself in a situation where opening an offshore account suits your requirements to the T.

For example, high risk businesses that operates mostly out of your home country requires the option offshore account to process the transactions made using credit cards from around the world. This requirement cannot be handled by domestic merchant accounts.

We have partnered with multiple overseas banks that are willing to enter the business with you. They offer domestic and offshore direct accounts with an integrated gateway and quick approval process.

We provide our services at the best rate in the industry and there are no processing limits.

Our services can help you save taxes and protect you against any fraud. We are also capable of processing transactions involving multiple currencies.

Partner with the best

We continuously strive to make your business successful and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our systems are easy to operate and free of errors. This will provide you with a competitive edge over your rivals as customers will be drawn towards your business

We are a one stop solution for all your merchant account needs. Below are few of the many features that will add value to your experience of doing business with us.

  • We provide 24/7 customer service support

  • There is no fees charged for opening a merchant account with us

  • There are no application and set up fees

  • There is no deposit required

  • We offer rates that are lower than the rates provided by banks

So do give us a call or visit our website and provide us with an opportunity to help your business grow.