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Have You Found A Friendly Merchant Account For Your Online Smoke Shop Yet?

While banks are holding up your transactions and you are looking for ways to find a decent merchant account for your retail storefront head shop or online smoke shop, have you considered following our website? Online merchants are not only dedicated to getting all your major credit cards processed but also ensure that banks not allowing the usage of their terminal for your payment processing does not affect your business in any way.

Having an online smoke shop need not necessarily mean that you will have to go through high rates, application fees and hostile merchant account services; you will simply need to find a smoke shop friendly merchant service provider to help you with cost-effective and hassle-free solutions.

Retail Store Merchants of all Types Selling Smoke Supplies will be Approved!

If you run a high volume smoke shop, it is possible that banks might end up classifying your business as high-risk and set up chargeback that will eventually affect your profitability. You are in a fix, irrespective of whether you need credit card processing or cash-only transactions because in the latter, you are leaving more money on the table than you can afford to.

The crux of your problems is thus the need to be able to provide efficient, flexible and a secure mode of payment processing for long-term relationships with the client.

We have been working with large numbers of businesses that include online smoke shops, glass pipes and retail cigar stores and we understand that the source of your frustration is payment of high rates and hidden fees. Our modes are transparent and we accept applications from high-risk merchants, start-up businesses, cash-only businesses, domestic as well as offshore business options.

In an industry where there are a thousand other retail and online merchant service providers, we lead the pack by offering you competitive rates and premium merchant account services for your business to grow effectively.

Why will you use our services?

Small business owners often find it difficult to get the kind of financial support they need but we specialize in backing up small scale businesses by providing the essential resources and tools that are needed to be successful retailer or online smoke shops and acquire more clients and customers you were missing because of cash-only transactions. We approve both online and in person swipe retailers who sell: Glass Pipes and Paraphernalia, Smoke Supplies, Vape, Bongs, Hookahs, Waterpipes, Grinders, Bubbles, Dab Gear, and Even Kratom!

Listed below are the other reasons why you should definitely not miss contacting us:

  • If you have been denied, declined, shut-off, closed frozen or cancelled from services like Square, Paypal, First Data etc, you need not worry any longer. This is because we do not have any policy of not catering to businesses dealing with age restricted products and products classified as high risk and prohibited.

  • We approve of smoking accessories, loose leaf tobacco, Roll your own cigarettes, Legal Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), EJuice, Custom Glass, Head Shops, Herbal Detox etc. that are otherwise labeled as “high risk” products.

  • You will no longer need to worry about being shut off because you will remain associated with smoke shop friendly merchant service providers.

  • We have a transparent pricing system. It is fair and reasonable and as mentioned before, we do not believe in hidden fees. You can take a look at all our rates and fees before forming a professional relationship with us.

  • We have tie-ups with a number of banks that are ready to sponsor and support businesses in the smoke shop industry.

  • We not only sell MOTO but also card not present transactions.

Our Virtual Terminals

Our company offers a number of favorable terminals for enhancing your prospects. To add to all the benefits, our virtual terminals are absolutely safe and secure. You can use to make all your payments conveniently via Iphone/Droid Mobile apps. Your final payment is just a few clicks and a signature away. The final step in this process is asking for the customer’s email id to send him a soft copy of the receipt. This is yet another beneficial step because now when you will have promotional messages or mails to send him, his email id would already be stored in your system.

Talking about our rates

You would obviously want to know how our billing procedure is carried out. Our rates vary with terminals because we judge our invested risk levels while analyzing the application process. We come up with a customized rate plan and always ensure that you are thoroughly aware of what is on offer. We do not charge any set up fees and billing or recurring billing is done every month to keep the process effective.

For small time businesses or start-ups

If you are a small time business owner or a start-up, dealing with cash-only transactions can stagnate your business potential. Credit cards are the ladders to success in this industry and economy and you will need them for effective client acquisition if you intend to grow. With our competitive rates and technology, you can conveniently enhance your possibilities.