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Merchant Account For Annual Contracts, Auto & Home Warranty Companies?

Ecommerce has transformed the trading market by leaps and bounds. Merchant accounts are byproduct of this meteoric rise. The major benefit of a merchant account is that it enables payment made via credit/debit cards. This offers the customers the convenience of making transactions without leaving the comfort of their homes.

If you have are in the business of providing annual contracts, auto & home warranty, you will have realized the difficulties involved in obtaining a merchant account for your business. Major credit card processors reject your request without even providing a reasonable justification.

As most customers prefer to buy or renew their annual contracts, auto & home warranty online, not having an online payment gateway can do serious damage to your business.

If you are facing a similar situation, then you will find that the services we offer are of immense value for the growth of your business.

Online merchants

A virtual terminal allows customers money to reach your company’s account. Without this facility you will not be able to accept/transfer funds made via credit/debit cards.

Therefore we urge our clients to opt for our viable payment processing terminals that have a spotless record.

We also recommend our clients who offer annual contracts, auto & home warranty services to provide recurring billing schemes to their customers as it will substantially reduce the time and effort required to register repeat customers.

Using reliable terminals, your customers can avail the flexibility of processing payments using any kind of credit card payments such as Visa/Amex/MasterCard/Discover. If you wish to provide your customers with the option of ACH processing and check processing, we have that covered too.

We also provide the option of enabling payments using mobile phones. Our iPhone and Droid mobile apps allow mobile savvy customers to make payments using their phones.

Has your business been denied by other credit card processor?

As annual contracts, auto & home warranty business is considered a high risk business, there is high chance that companies like First Data, and PayPal will turn down your request for merchant accounts.

We believe that opening a merchant account should be hassle free. Therefore it is important to approach the right financial institution to avoid running from pillar to post. We make your lives simpler by setting you up with the right bank that understands the needs of your business.

We have established strong partnership with many multiple underwriting banks offer low rates for credit card processing.

Frequent chargebacks and fraudulent activities can cause your account to be shut down. We offer services that help you to monitor chargeback and prevent frauds from occurring.

Do you want the flexibility of domestic & offshore options?

As providers of annual contracts, auto & home warranty services you must give careful thought before settling down for domestic or offshore accounts.

Many clients usually choose domestic accounts as it offers low rates and better security. But domestic accounts may not able to able to meet all your business requirements. In such situations opening an offshore account becomes the need of the hour.

We provide different rates for domestic and offshore accounts taking into consideration the different risk levels and the complexities associated with setting up of such accounts.

We have partnered with multiple banks that are ready to offer you domestic and offshore direct accounts that have an integrated gateway. The application process is straight forward and quick.

Is your business a start up?

As a start up does not have a proven track record, it is considered a high risk entity. Therefore a new corporation must be ready to cough up a bit more compared to an established business.

We perform a detailed analysis of your business model and arrive at our rates after evaluating the high risk vs. low risk level.

A business that is already in existence and has a history of transaction will be charged a lower rated due to the lower risk levels.

All said and done, even if you are new corporation that has recently comes into existence or an already functional business, you are sure to find our services affordable and priced lower than our competitors.

Partner with the best

We provide a complete range of solutions for all your merchant account needs. You can call us or visit our website to enlist our services.

Our friendly and well trained customer service representatives provide support 24/7. There are no application fees and no set up fees. You can be rest assured that our rates are the best in the industry.

We strive to make the process of setting up a merchant account for annual contracts, auto & home warranty services as smooth as possible to help you plant your feet firmly in this business. So do choose our services and we will provide you with regular market updates and valuable assistance to keep your business afloat.