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Leave Behind Conflicting Issues While Looking For A Merchant Account for Cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP 420 Retailers

It has been often seen that the Medical Cannabis Retail industry suffers denial of banking and credit card processing services at the hands of traditional banks. This is because there are innumerable discrimination and conflicts as far as state, federal and international laws are concerned.

As an owner of a cannabis retail business, how would you find a legitimate payment solution that includes both online as well as face-to-face payments? Our company is probably what you have been looking for because we can assure you the we have the payment solution that will absolutely fit your needs.

Online Merchants -Why us?

The CBD industry is an ever-changing scenario, to say the least. Very few providers can claim to place CBD vendors and their ability to do so is subjected to a few significant factors. Furthermore, when it comes to competitive pricing, transparency of fees and rates and adequate customer client support, there are even fewer numbers of providers who can stand the test of time.

Owing to the elevated risk associated with the CBD industry, most sellers are functionally prepared to pay higher than average rates. However, with the security and convenience that comes along with the acceptance of credit cards makes rolling reserves and occasional fund holds worth it.

We are a company that believes providing CBD sellers the kind of security they seek by opening merchant accounts to make CBD payment processing successful. Although we can claim to have worked both in the domestic as well as in the offshore industry in a number of business types, we can claim our specialization in the high-risk industry.

We are aware of how banks tend to deal with businesses that cater to the cannabis industry and the extent of precaution that they take up before approving their payment processes. We help only legal medical marijuana dispensaries to set up their merchant accounts. There is no denying the fact that banking policies continue to change.

We are proud to let you know that we evolve and adapt with the policies as well as the industry to ensure the availability of the latest modes of payments. The banking partners that are associated with our company enable us to offer our merchants a number of payment options to choose from.

Why your business is considered ‘high-risk’ offshore

Due to history and records showing merchant processors in a rather unfavorable light, there are considerations of fraud or charge backs as far as their transactions are concerned. When the merchant is in the USA, finding him in the case of fraud becomes easier because of social security and employer identification numbers.

Outside USA, merchants need to use a non-US merchant processor and are thus considered high-risk businesses.

Additional issues like bad credit history, criminal background, and higher monthly volumes enhance the risk factor of these businesses.

Apart from being high-risk and needing a high-risk credit card processor, there are often higher rates on merchant processing services. Along with that, there could also be the issues of delayed payments and rolling reserve funds. Rolling reserve is that percentage of sales that the processer sets aside to neutralize charge backs.

This fund is eventually returned to the merchant but it does impact the cash flow negatively to an extent.

Other benefits

Our partners work with domestic banks which in turn minimize the risk of using offshore banks and associated paraphernalia of foreign currency exchange fees for yourself as well as for your customers. This has been seen to significantly delay settlement of funds.

Our transactions are hassle-free and less time consuming. We ensure that your funds are available in your account within 48 hours. Listed below are the products that we can provide merchant account for:

  • Marijuana/Cannabis

  • CBD

  • Hemp

  • Smokes and Vapes

Our Payment Gateway

We not only offer quick but also cost-effective ways of accepting and processing credit cards and online check payments. Our payment gateway is compatible with most merchant accounts and it also comes along with its free ecommerce shopping cart.

Our payment gateway also allows mobile credit card processing and apart from the standard gateway fees, there are no additional fees involved. We maintain absolute transparency regarding this matter.

Our salient features at a glance

  • We require no application fee.

  • There is no setup fee as part of any transaction. Only gateway fees are required.

  • There are no equipment costs involved.

  • A free shopping cart is an added bonus.

  • A virtual terminal compatible with most merchant accounts.

  • We allow API integration.

  • We provide a recurring bill support to our clients.

Our company will ensure that your business thrives with the benefit of being able to use credit card payments via a secure virtual terminal. How long would you keep your potential under wraps? Try our services right away!