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Merchant Account For Adult Entertainment Companies?

The adult entertainment company business is highly competitive and requires features such as payment through credit cards to attract customers. Leading banks may not want to process payments for this category of business owning to the controversial content.

This category of business is termed as a high risk business due to factors such as:

  • Chances of being sued

  • Customers indulging in illegal behavior such as scams and identity thefts

  • Threat of being closed down

  • High rate of chargebacks

  • Most of the transactions fall under “Card not present” category

Therefore setting up a merchant account for adult entertainment company can be a challenge due to the legal restrictions and strict over 18 age requirement.

Online Merchants- A Pre Requisite

As adult entertainment companies mostly operate in the online realm, a merchant account that will provide a virtual terminal that allows customers to make credit card payments easily is an absolute must.

We provide safe and secure terminals for conducting any transactions made using Visa/Amex/Discovery/Master card.

You can be rest assured that our payment gateways are secure and tailor made for your business requirements.

If you require ACH processing and check processing, we offer these services too. We can also assist you to set up terminal to swipe a customer's credit card in person and get their signature.

As more and more people are using their mobile phones for all their needs, we offer iPhone and Droid mobile apps to facilitate payments for this group of customers.

All these service features will ensure smooth and convenient payment options for your customers.

Have other credit card processors denied you merchant accounts?

As this category of business falls under high risk, it is not surprising that First Data, PayPal have rejected your requests for merchant accounts.

While the adult entertainment business is profitable, banks do not take this industry seriously. But the good news is that we are willing to work with high risk businesses and offer attractive rates and all the services that are usually provided to other businesses.

Our association with many adult entertainment companies has helped us to develop expertise and providing solutions to any issues that you may face in your line of business.

You can enlist our services by following our simple and straight forward application process and submitting few legal documents.

Is your business a new corporation?

If your business is a start up, then this will increase your risk profile and add to the challenge of securing a merchant account. But if you have been in business for some time and have a history of transactions then it is relatively easier to get your application considered.

We conduct a high risk Vs low risk analysis to ascertain our risk exposure. Our rates vary depending on startup Vs history due to the varying risk factors.

We have tie ups with multiple underwriting banks that help us to provide you with a merchant account in the least possible time.

The adult entertainment business tends to have a regular set of customers. Therefore we provide the feature of recurring billing. This makes the process of accepting payments from customers very easy.

We also understand that your business is prone to chargebacks. Our well designed systems and software are capable of keeping your chargeback in line and reduces the risk of frauds.

Do you want to tap into

domestic and offshore options?

Adult entertainment companies have customers spread across the globe. For these reasons having an offshore account becomes necessary. Offshore accounts offer many financial advantages like tax benefits. You can also manage transactions in different currencies by opening an offshore account with us.

We have partnered with multiple underwriting banks that are willing to come onboard and help you with your business.

You can call our professional and friendly customer service personnel are available round the clock for any questions regarding the application process and set up your payment gateway in no time.

As offshore accounts have a high risk level, the charges are also comparatively higher. Domestic accounts can be opened at a lower rate and offer better security.

Why choose us?

Due to our rich experience in this line of business we understand the unique needs of this business. We are quick to identify problems and provide solutions that will help grow your business.

Ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and error free transactions is the aim of our company. Our services provide end to end solutions for all you business requirements.

There are no application fees and no set up fees. We also provide the convenience of mobile payment. We offer our services at the most competitive rates available in the industry.

So do give us a call or visit our website and work with us to turn your business into a highly successful enterprise