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Are You Looking For A Merchant Account For Firearm Dealers (Ammo, Guns, and Survival Gear)?

If you are looking for a merchant account for your business dealing with firearm and accessories, your search ends here!

Securing a merchant account for your line of business is extremely difficult due to the strict federal government regulations for conducting business. As this is a high risk industry many of the leading banks are not willing to support such businesses due to the below possibilities:

  • Possibility of fraud

  • The weapon can be used for criminal purpose

  • Chargeback and penalty

  • Expensive insurance policy

Online partners

Searching for an Ecommerce merchant account for your firearm dealers (ammo, guns, survival gear) business can be difficult. Most of the credit card processing companies do not want to work in this line of business over the internet even if you are running a legitimate and licensed business.

This is where we can help you fulfill your dreams of setting up a merchant account for your business.

If your business accepts only cash transaction, then you will be losing a large section of online customers. Therefore it is important to build an online presence and offer you clients a wide variety of payment options.

Our virtual terminals allow your customers to make safe and secure transactions effortlessly from any corner of the world. You can choose our wide range of firearm payment processing services and customize solutions that suite your requirements to the T.

We offer low cost terminals to the latest touch screen high speed virtual terminals. If you require the feature of recurring billing, we can help you set it up as well.

Using our terminals you can provide your customers with the flexibility of payment processing using any kind of credit card payments such as Visa/Amex/MasterCard/Discover.

If you wish to provide your customers with the option of ACH processing and check processing, we have that covered too.

For the mobile savvy customers we have iPhone and Droid mobile apps that will provide convenient payment options on their mobile phones.

Start up Vs history comparison

In a high risk business like firearm dealers, the strict regulations and close scrutiny make it very challenging for startup companies to seek a foothold in the industry.

This is the reason we have decided to lend our support to newly formed companies operating in this line of business. We wish to equip our clients with all they need to make a place for themselves and increase their customer base substantially.

As a start up is exposed to high risk, the charges are marginally higher than the fees of an established company.

For businesses that have been in existence for a period of time, the rates are lower. They also enjoy the benefits of no rolling reserve requirements

We arrive at our rates after doing a risk evaluation of your business. The high risk vs. low risk analyses helps us to understand our risk exposure level.

Denied or shut off by other credit card processor?

A merchant account facilitates payments via credit/debit cards. This is not a luxury but a bare necessity for operating business successfully. But even so, many credit card processors like First Data, PayPal do not back up such high risk businesses.

As credit cards are the major source of income in this industry, not getting accepted for a merchant account can seriously dampen your chances of generating income. Your customers will be forced to do business with your competitors who accept payments made using credit cards.

This is where you will find our service of value. We have been involved with firearm dealers (ammo, guns, survival gear) businesses in the past and hence are well aware of the intricacies of the business.

We advise our clients to choose multiple underwriting banks as it helps to bring down the risk margin and attracts more customers enabling you to increase your profit margin. We also offer domestic and offshore accounts to clients who feel a need for them.

Build your success story with us

We aim at providing the best service to our customers at the best rate possible. Hence if you have a new corporation or an established set up, you will find our services affordable and trust worthy.

After interacting with us you will realize that we are a one stop solution for all your requirements. There are no application fees and no set up fees for availing our services. Below are few salient features of the services our company provides:

  • Specialists in firearm merchant accounts

  • 24/7 friendly customer support

  • Free online gateway setup

  • Fast approval process

Despite the fact that the firearm industry is heavily restricted, we believe that we can help your business to grow and make a profit. By opting for our services, you will be resting the future of your business in the hands of experts. So do give us a call or visit our website today!