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Have A High Value Business? Merchant Accounts Are A Must For You

Do you have a flourishing business? Does your business have a high turnover on a weekly or monthly basis? Then you must know how difficult it is to handle such transactions. When you handle high value transactions on a regular basis, your business is considered to be a high volume business. Along with high sales volume and turnover, the risks involved also increase. The complications of processing such high volume credit card payments are also highly risky.

Why Do You Need Online Merchants?

When high volume transactions are made online using credit cards, the merchant accounts are required to hold the money temporarily till it is transferred to the bank account. Though high volumes mean high business, it also means high risk.

When your sales volume is and you have to receive a huge payment, it is not feasible to just handover the product to your customer without taking the money. At the same time, if you are going to make your client wait every time, to hand over the goods only after you realise the payment, your client is not going to be very happy either. It is in such situations that merchant accounts come to your aid.

These accounts hold the money from the credit card of your client when they make the payment and the amount is transferred to your bank account within a few days. This reduces your risk as your payment is secure with the merchant accounts.

How Are We Different

When many banks hesitate to underwrite or provide merchant services to high value businesses due the risks involved, we have the perfect solution for you. With our convenient gateway setup, you can have access to the virtual terminal assigned to you, in no time.

Our terminals are highly secure and all your details are safe with us. While many credit card processors and payment gateways can turn down high volume businesses due to the risks involved, we provide excellent and reliable merchant accounts to ensure your business deals have a smooth flow.

Flexible To Suit Your Needs

We understand how important flexibility is when your transactions are huge. You cannot restrict your high paying customers to make payments via cash or certain bank credit cards. Hence gateway setup enables you to accept payments via Visa/Master Card/Discover/Amex.

We are also aware that credit cards are not the only preferred medium of payment for high value goods, hence we facilitate ACH processing/ cheque processing as well. This ensures you are ready to even receive electronic payments from your clients.

Do you require check drafting facility with your merchant account? We can provide that too if you ask for it. We understand signing a cheque and posting it to the seller does not only require a lot of effort but wastes a lot of your time too. Sign up for our check drafting facility and you can get your customer’s checks approved and receive payment without their signature anywhere else. They just need to sign once on the original check.

We Have You Covered

Chargebacks are very common in today’s business. When high volumes are transacted, mistakes are always bound to happen. When many banks and other merchant account providers view this as a high risk and may not offer this facility, we are here to ensure we have your back. We cover chargebacks, to ensure the return or refunding is smooth and comfortable for both you and your client.

When payments are made by customer repeatedly, they would not prefer to key in their details every time. Our gateway keeps tracks of recurring billing information and the details are provided to the customer once they reach the payment page. This ensures smooth worry free payment processing even when the card is not present.

With the onset of Apps for every service, by every company, customers are increasingly using their mobile phones to conduct business transactions, make purchases and payments. Our virtual portals are compatible with iPhones and androids too, thus ensuring it is made as convenient as possible for your valuable customers to make payments at ease.

Rates Based On Your Business

Every new business has a higher amount of risk associated with payments when compared to old or well established business. When you are a start-up company, we are ready to undertake the risks involved and hence charge you more than established businesses. We will analyse your business for high risk Vs. Low risk and the rates and fees will be decided accordingly. When our risk is less, we don’t mind sharing the good fortune with our clients, and hence charge them lesser.

Every business has a different set of needs and these needs can be met with our simple application process. All you have to do is fill in the forms, provide us some details and we will have our friendly team members approach you for further clarifications and to take you through the entire process. Once your business risk level is analysed, we can discuss all the terms and conditions, rates, fees, etc.

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We are here to provide solutions to even the most challenging situations of your high volume business. Merchant accounts are the need of the hour for successful Ecommerce and that is exactly what we provide.